Top awesome Deface Pages for Website

What is deface page ?

After getting admin access in the website, hacker will upload his own control penal that’s called the shell and with the help of the shell hacker will Edit the index page of the website and he will change the index page coding so that website can be called the defaced website. And the index page is called the deface page. And the deface page is coded in the simple html language.
Don’t Have Time for designing A Deface page .. ??  don’t worry here you can download Best Deface Pages, Just replace the Name and message with your own name and message !! [Click on Download And Copy The Code, Then Use it, for demo you can paste the code on 
How to edit and save it… ??
All html codes are shared on pastbin, copy it and paste in notepad then edit it and save as index.html or anyname.html
1- Tiger M@te’s Deface Page, 
This Deface page was uploaded on google bangladesh’d domain
Download2- Happy Birhthday Deface Page 
for making someone’s Birthday special =)

3- Deface Page For Long Messages + Video 
Designed By Ffessxt Prince indishell
Download 4- #opFreedom Plestine, 
Deface page with free palestine message, Designed by The Hackers army

5- Lovely deface Page for Your Girlfried or loved one 
This Deface Page was designed by me =)
: Download

6-Deface Page with dancing firefox script

7-Multi colour deface page

8- Simple Black Deface Page 
Designed by Hax root
: Download

9-Matrix Style Deface Page
Designed by ShOrTy420
: Download

10-Pro Style Deface Page 

9- Awesome  #opFreedom Plestine Page with New Fuctions
this page desgned by Syakila Daniel

10- Awesme Matrix style Deface Page 
Designed by coded32

11- Romantic deface Page with Roses
designed by Deepak  Carpenter

12- Deface Page with Jquery 
Designed by Privatex

13- #opmegaupload Deface Page
: Download

14- A Progammer’s Deface Page with Love Letter
Designed by Minhal.. =)

Source: Devils Cafe