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From Dream to Profession

About Us

“Want more knowledge, tutorials, Extra Tips and Hacking ideas ? Hacking with New Ideas gives you the solutions you need to succeed.”

Welcome to Hacking with New Ideas 

Hi! all this  is Ashu Singh for your Help. I have made this blog only for Hacking Lovers, Security Geeks, any many more for those who want to live in IT(Information technology) field….   this gives you detailed info about latest Hacking news, tutorials and tricks and tips as well as softwares for your Use….

We don’t want piracy but no one want’s to purchase.

This page develop  a  way of thinking and knowledge about Hacking. We are providing information on IT security last 2 years. We provides the video as well as pictorial Tutorials and Educates the public ever since. Over 1000 peoples are attached with us and share knowledge of Hacking and Security….. Why you stay back…

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Regards (Ashu Singh)
Admin hackingnewideas.com


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