Learn to Encrypt Your Emails against an invasion of privacy by NSA


Now that we have enough details about how the NSA’s Surveillance program, running for a long time against almost each country of this planet.  Hundreds of top-secret NSA documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden already exposed that Spying projects like PRISM and MUSCULAR are tapping directly into Google and Yahoo internal networks to access our Emails.

NSA’s tactics are even capable to defeat the SSL encryption, so unsecured email can easily be monitored and even altered as it travels through the Internet. One major point on which all of us are worrying is about the privacy of communication among each other and If you’re looking for a little personal privacy in your communications you will need to encrypt your messages.

To avoid privacy breaches; rather I should say to make it more difficult for the NSA or British GCHQ surveillance program to read our communication, we should use PGP encryption (Pretty Good Privacy).

Why we should Encrypt our Emails?

Each public mail service provider sends information from sender to recipient like a postcard which has a recipient’s address and the content to be conveyed; and is open to the medium used for sending the card.

Encryption is an envelope of the content of the document to be sent and leave the recipient’s address open so that it can reach to the destination. So by encrypting your mail, even if any mail service provider is keeping a record of all mails, you need not to worry that your document is being read by third person neither by NSA people.

Encrypting your email may sound daunting, but it’s actually quite simple. We are going to use something called GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) or Gpg4win (Windows).

For full Installation Steps Read More on The Hacker News.


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