Facebook Trick : Add Two Profile pictures in one Profile

Hi..!!, Friends…today i am going to tell you about the trick,which is old but its awesome…OLD IS GOD …:D

Lets start ..:D

1:- Login to your account and Open your Profile Pictures..
And Copy the highlighted fbid=NUMBERS only.Look at the image given below.


2:- Now open your Timeline and Click on Edit Thumbnail  as shown in picture below.


3:- Now Right click on image and select Inspect Element. As shown in image.


4:- Scroll down until you reach the code which start with :

<form action=”https://upload.facebook.com/save_square_pic.php&#8221;

Expand it and change the input field named “photo_fbid” value .



5:- Double click on the value to edit it , or right click and choose edit html , paste the fbid value that you copied in step “1” above .

6:- Click any where to save the changed , close the “Inspect element” window , Finally click “Save” .


All you have done…Now you have Two Profile Pics on single ID 😀


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