Top Gadgets of the Year 2013

1-Apple iPhone 5s :

apple iphone 5s

If there was one phone that managed to create the biggest buzz this year, it was the iPhone 5s. The rumour mills were going crazy about what Apple would offer with this new phone and the company didn’t disappoint. While Apple didn’t go for a larger screen size, (the screen is still 4-inches), it did add some considerable bling to the much loved (and hated) device. The iPhone 5s is the first iPhone to come in gold, space grey and silver, doing away with the traditional black and white. In terms of other features, the iPhone 5s came with a fingerprint scanner called Touch ID. It also came with a 64-bit A7 processor which is dual-core. However don’t let the specs fool you. The A7 64-bit processor has been blowing the competition away.

2-iPad Air :

iPad Air

Apple’s new approach to tablets is to make everything easier to carry – and with a 43% thinner bezel and a 28% lighter device, the iPad Air is championing that drive.If you haven’t seen a picture yet, then imagine an iPad mini that you’ve just held a little closer to your face, and you’re largely there with the Air.It’s got the same smooth back design, thinner bezel and more attractive speakers at the bottom of the phone to make it look like more of a family with the cut down tablet from Apple’s stables.

While it’s a clear copy, we’re not going to get upset about that as the mini already had a stunning design, and the Air takes that message and brings it to the big leagues.It also has machined buttons that don’t feel loose when shaking, bringing up the premium feel to the device.On top of the new design, it’s also rocking Apple’s A7 chip, bringing with it 64-bit processing power and reams of battery saving techniques to keep your tablet going even longer in day to day use.

3-Lenovo ThinkPad Twist :

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist

One notebook, multiple modes: That’s the idea behind Lenovo’s ThinkPad Twist, a three-way combination of tablet, notebook, and presentation device. The basic idea is a good one, but many little annoyances — both in the software and the hardware — make the Twist more an unpolished gem than a must-have.

The hardware design is unquestionably clever. Like the Toshiba Satellite series of notebooks, the Twist flips open like a conventional notebook, but the display can be rotated 180 degrees and closed up again to convert the notebook into a slate. Not only can the display be rotated in place for the sake of a presentation, but you can even shift the display and perch the unit upside down in what Lenovo calls “tent mode.”


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