Professional Cameras in Smart Phone:New Rising Technology

Digital Cameras in Smart Phone is the first choice of users. Everyone wants to click a best Shot either they were professional or not.
Craze of Digital Cameras in Digital world is increasing rapidly and companies taking it seriously to make a Coolest smart Phone that have camera with super digital quality..They give us a quality assurance and best results.

If we take an Example of NOKIA LUMIA 1020 created a buzz with its first 41 megapixel camera phone – 808 PureView, announced last year. The company promised to bring PureView imaging technology to Windows Phone 8 platform this year. That is how we have the Lumia 1020 after the stop-gap attempts to bring PureView imaging through Lumia 920 and Lumia 925. Both the latter devices are capable of offering great images, but Lumia 1020 aims to recreate 808 PureView imaging magic at a grander scale.

Zoom has been reworked on the Lumia 1020 and it still offers lossless Zoom just like the 808 PureView. However, zoom requires the user to set the Capture Mode (in Pro Cam settings) to 5 MP + 34 MP.

Sony caused some ripples in the compact camera world last month when they announced the Cybershot DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100.
These funky looking accessories are actually complete compact digital cameras, on a par with Sony’s other Cybershot range cameras at the same price points. In fact the specifications of the QX100 are identical to the RX100, widely considered to be the best compact point and shoot.

You can operate either QX camera on their own by hand, as they have their own battery, OS, 16 GB internal storage, micro SD card support up to 64 GB and shutter button.  Their unique selling point however, is the ability to work with any smartphone running the newly updated PlayMemories app (available for iOS and Android 3.1+).

Each lens camera comes with a phone grip (mountable even on devices as big as the Samsung Galaxy Mega), and connecting phone to camera is a simple as one touch if your device has NFC. Without NFC you can still connect to the camera as it creates its own secure ad-hoc Wi-Fi network with a passcode that your phone can search for. The NFC one-touch simply sets this connection up in the background.

Once connected, the PlayMemories app turns your device screen into the viewfinder and all your images are stored directly onto the phone itself. Also you don’t need to clip the lens to the phone – as long as you remain within range of the camera’s Wi-Fi network, you can use your phone as a remote viewfinder; great for stealthily taking pictures, surveillance or just putting a camera somewhere you never could have fitted one before!

Both cameras are available from Clove now; the cheaper QX10 is available in black and white at 179 GBP including VAT, with the black only QX100 coming in at 399 GBP.


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