Some Valuable RUN Shortcuts For Windows OS

Here, the 10 Useful RUN Commands For Windows OS.

On the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Run command is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. It functions more or less like a single-line command line interface.--> By Wikipedia


Short for check disk, chkdsk is a command run utility that is used on DOS andMicrosoft Windows-based systems to check the file system and status of the system’s hard drives. The chkdsk command lists and corrects errors on the disk. Used without parameters, chkdsk will display the status of the disk in the current drive.

2. compmgmt.msc

Remote Management with the Computer Management Tool
The Computer Management tool provides Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins that you can use to perform common computer management tasks and to compile information about both local and remote computers.

3. devmgmt.msc

Device Manager is an OS feature that lets you view and change the properties of all devices attached to your computer.

To get to the device manager in Windows, right click on the My computer icon, choose properties, then click on the device manager tab. From there you can select a variety of management options.

4. dxdiag 

Short for DirectX diagnosticsDxDiag is a Microsoft tool included with DirectX that allow you to view system information and DirectX information relating to your video card and sound card. This tool is helpful when needing to troubleshoot driver related issues being encountered by DirectX. Below, is a picture of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window. As can be seen in the picture, DxDiag has system, display, sound, and input information tabs and gives you access to save all DirectX information to a text file by clicking the Save All Information button at the bottom of the window.

5. cleanmngr

Cleanmgr.exe is designed to clear unnecessary files from your computer’s hard disk. You can use command-line options to specify that Cleanmgr.exe cleans up certain files. You can then schedule the task to run at a specific time by using the Scheduled Tasks tool.


A program that calculates and moves data around on the physical hard disk to get the most space and best performance out of it. think of it like packing a suitcase properly. when add and remove things from the suitcase, it’s less organized. a defrag is reorganizing it so the most used stuff is up in front, and the less used stuff goes towards the back

7.diskmgmt.msc or diskpart

Diskpart differs from many command-line utilities because it does not operate in a single-line mode. Instead, after you start the utility, the commands are read from standard input/output (I/O). You can direct these commands to any disk, partition, or volume.


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