NASA website Hacked; Protest by Hackers against US action on Syria and Brazil Spying

Earlier reports based on Snowden‘s documents revealed the existence of the NSA’s PRISM program, and indicate that the National Security Agency spied on Brazilians.

On other End, President Obama said that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its citizens and The United States may have to take military action against Syria.

Against same issues, yesterday various pages on NASA‘s website were hacked by a Brazilian Hacker named “#BMPoC” and the visitors to the pages were first greeted with a pop-up window which reads “DO NOT ATTACK THE SYRIAN” followed by another reading “U.S. SPY STOP THE BRAZIL” before the deface page appears.

The complete deface message on the page was:

Stop spying on us.

The Brazilian population do not support your attitude!

The Illuminati is now visibly acting!

Obama heartless!

Inhumane! You have no family? The point in the entire global population is supporting you. NOBODY!

We do not want war, we want peace!!!


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