Install Metasploitable on Virtual Box

The simple way to learn about hacking is hands on and try by ourselves in our own machine, that’s why today we will have a simple tips and trick about how to install Metasploitable on Virtual Box.


1. Virtual Box

2. Metasploitable

How to Install Metasploitable on Virtual Box:

1. Download and install the Virtual Box on your machine (on this example was on windows machine).

2. When installation finished, open your Virtual Box and click New.

3. You can give a name, we give the name Metasploitable just to make sure the name was understandable and easy to recognize.

4. For the memory, you can just leave to 256MB, but if you have more RAM, you can increase this amount.

5. In this create virtual machine window, you can choose the Metasploitable image location that we’ve already download before (after extract the ZIP file). Click the folder logo on bottom right and locate the Metasploitable image location.

When finished, click Create.

6. The next step is we need to start the machine we just installed. Choose the Metasploitable OS and click Start.

7. The Metasploitable machine now booting and there is log in window.

Username: msfadmin
You can change the username and password after log in and become root.


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